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I am quite possibly the most awkward person you will ever meet.
I enjoy laughing , dancing, Elton John, and fresh fruit.
I am a paralegal major with a minor in marketing.
If I could go to drag shows every single day, I would quit my job and do it.
I belong in Chicago.

Although my blog will mostly consist of RuPaul’s Drag Race related posts, there will be some personal thrown in here as well.

I love to meet new people so if you ever want to talk, just message me! xoxoxox

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I love how Yara Sofia can wear more clothes than anybody, but still wear nothing.


Happy Birthday to my favorite queen of all time!

All of my love to the fishy and flawless, Phi Phi O’hara <3


Reblogging myself! <3

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Britney Spears recording Break The Ice (raw)

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